• DESIGN CORK Exhibition, Berardo Foundation Museum, Lisbon, 2008

  • LAGARTA by CORQUE, Portuguese Design Bienal, Lisbon, 2011

  • CORQUE DESIGN RIO, Portugal-Brasil Year, Clark Art Center, Rio de Janeiro, 2012

  • CORQUE at MoMA Design Store, New York, 2009

Design for Sustainability, Research,
Consultancy and Education

SUSDESIGN is a private entity specializing in ‘Design for Sustainability’. We design projects, solutions, and products geared towards more sustainable production and consumption, with a design process based on eco-design strategies and circular product development approaches.

SUSDESIGN works with a custom made design innovation research methodology, tested over the last decade in business and academia. Our unique approach towards sustainability blends design thinking, experimentation, and action research methodologies.

With a strong creative, culture, and social vocation, SUSDESIGN education activities (workshops, seminars and studio training) address the domain of ‘Sustainability’ in both theory and practice, merging the global environmental issues with a local socio-economic and cultural perspective.

Our expert team develops new brands, products, projects, exhibitions, publications, education activities, and provides consultancy in the fields of eco-design, renewable resources and technologies (materials and energy), strategies for the circular economy, and eco-efficient value creation.

Since 2005 we have been creating, designing, and disseminating inspiring products, projects, and solutions for a more sustainable world. We build sustainable local value projects with global impact, in collaboration with a large international network of designers, researchers, and innovators from around the world; connecting people, companies, and institutions towards sustainability, in our mission